I retired from Merrill Lynch in 1994. Before I could pack my paper clips several clients convinced me to continue my work part time in my retirement. I resumed my work soon after; working out of my home. While at Merrill Lynch, I traveled through the U.S. and Europe giving seminars to clients and brokers on the practical application of Elliott Wave Theory and basic technical analysis. I use two Pentium PCs in my office. One is used to view the markets and the other is connected to the Internet most of the trading day, ready to field questions or flash a commentary to my clients, should market conditions warrant one. I do not trade my personal account nor will I trade for others. It is difficult to remain objective with other people's money if mine is also at risk. I resist the temptation to trade.
During an interview on CNBC-TV on August 25, 1992, I correctly called a major bottom for the US Dollar. On several occasions I appeared on their "Tech Talk" segment. I am quoted from time to time by Reuters News Service and the Dow Jones service. A London newspaper, the Sunday Telegraph, once ran an article highlighting the projections for gold prices by technical analysts, including myself. Of the several analysts featured in the article, my projection came in on target.
My client base consists mainly of Commodity futures brokers from several major Brokerage houses, several independent traders and four corporations. Geographically, subscribers span the globe from South America to the Mid East, Europe and the United States.
No, this is not a school graduation picture. These are fourteen reasons to retire!
John B. Gambino