Here's what some brokers say...........
"My clients love the fact that I can call and get an instant technical study while they wait on the telephone"......Lou Pappas, Miami, FL
"John's timely analysis and his availability for telephone consultations make his service an invaluable trading tool"......Bob Ascher, New York City
What professional services do you get for a low subscription fee?
A comprehensive commentary issued via the internet or faxed twice weekly. This commentary is more of a general overview of the markets but will sometimes contain specific strategies for trading a particular market.
In my newsletter and on the phone, I will offer projections as to what I believe the various markets will do; not what they have already done. Although my primary tool is Elliott Wave Theory, I also utilize standard technical tools. I'm ready to give you an objective opinion about a trade you may be thinking about together with a suggested risk point. If I feel strong about a trading opportunity, I will pass it along together with a buying/selling price, an objective (if possible), and most importantly, a risk point. REMEMBER: If you don't control your risks, you are doomed to failure. I'm here and ready to offer assistance.
I'm not a broker. I offer what discount brokers do not: Personalized objective technical research for both individual and corporate traders on futures markets from LME metals to pork bellies. I put special emphasis on S & P futures, treasuries, currencies (both futures and cash) and the energy complex.
No fee for telephone calls or E-mail, so long as they are kept to a reasonable number. I am here to field questions during the day. If you like to call your own shots but want to bounce a trading idea off someone or if the market is doing something unexpected; I'm as close as your telephone or keyboard. I'm ready to give you my objective technical view on the spot.
Need a logical stop level? If my twice weekly newsletter doesn't answer your question, just pick up a telephone or E-mail me. I'll provide an objective technical picture in a clear and concise manner.
If I can save you from just one bad trade, it's worth it.